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David Durst – The Ruiz Team – PrimeLending

David is a hospitality-focused loan officer with over 20 years of working in restaurants before entering the mortgage space in 2016. The Ruiz Team with PrimeLending offers a variety of traditional loan products and services to their clients focusing on customer experience through their expertise, timely communication, and WOW service. Whether you’re buying your first home or are a seasoned Real Estate investor The Ruiz Team can help you achieve your home ownership goals.

We have Many Paths to the Right Mortgage 

  • Purchase – Ready to buy a home? That’s Great! We’ll show you all your loan options, help you understand how much you need for a down payment, and guide you through any other loan decisions you need to make
  • Refinance – Looking to save on your mortgage? Whether you want to lower your monthly payment, pay off your loan faster or turn your equity into cash, you’ve come to the right place. Our experts are on call to help you assess your options
  • Renovation – Is the home you want a renovation away from perfect? Or, maybe you’re living in a fixer-upper you’re eager to love again. Discover more about our loans that roll the cost of the renovations in with your mortgage, so you still have just one loan and one monthly payment.

David Durst, Associate Loan Originator

NMLS #: 2023362

7121 W. Bell Rd Ste 250 & 260 Glendale, AZ. 85308

Email – david.durst@primelending.com

Phone – 602-616-6793



How do I get qualified for a home loan?

So, you’re ready to buy a home. Before you can begin looking in earnest, however, you need to get qualified. Qualification is what starts the loan process. You’ll provide information on your credit, income, assets, and debts so PrimeLending can give you an estimate of the size of a loan you can afford. There’s never a charge to get qualified with PrimeLending.

What are the reasons to get qualified?
  • You’ll save time by only looking at houses within your price range.
  • You can make an offer on the same day you find the perfect home.
  • The seller can expect fewer delays with your offer, making your offer more attractive.
  • Sellers are likely to prefer your offer over a buyer who is not qualified, giving you negotiating power.
  • A real estate agent will move quicker knowing you’re qualified and ready to buy.
Approved vs. Qualified?

A qualification is an estimate of what you qualify for based on the information you provide, an approval means an underwriter has reviewed your income, credit, and debt information; you become approved after all your information is “verified” and approved.”  Approval is a step above qualification, and it takes a little longer to obtain, but the higher level of approval you have, the more power you have at the bargaining table because sellers know your offer will likely close without trouble or delay. When you’re ready to buy, you’ll also have less paperwork and your loan will close faster.

What is PrimeLending's Float Down Option?

When you get approved for a mortgage loan, the terms are based on a specific, agreed-upon interest rate. In most approved loan agreements, this rate is locked, meaning it won’t change even if the market rates go up or down. That protects your rate from rising, but what if you learn that rates went down? At PrimeLending, we allow you to make a request to float down* your rate one-time within twenty days of your closing if there has been an adequate market improvement.

The Float Down option gives you the ability to lock in, meaning your rate won’t rise, and also rest easy knowing that if you learn there has been a significant drop in interest rates, you have the option to request to reduce your rate with PrimeLending.

Do You Need A 20% Down Payment On A House?

The idea of putting 20% down on a home can make homeownership feel unrealistic, but the good news is that you are not required to put 20% down at closing. That said, it may still make sense to pay 20% of the home’s purchase price if you can. Before you decide, you should weigh the pros and cons of making a large down payment, to see what is not only feasible for you, but what will work best with your finances and goals.


PrimeLending is not affiliated with Morton Realty Company. *Conditions and restrictions apply. Review the Float Down Option disclosure for full details. All loans subject to credit approval. Rates and fees subject to change. ©2023 PrimeLending, a PlainsCapital Company (PrimeLending). (NMLS: 13649) Equal Housing Lender. PrimeLending AZ Lic. no. 0907334. v040819

My wife and I have worked with David a few times in regard to home refinancing. The thing we love so much about working with David was he was easy to talk to, he educates extremely well, and he makes what might seem like a difficult process very easy. By far the best lender we have ever dealt with. Thank you, David!

-Ken S., Phoenix, AZ.